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 Untitled/Wink 1997     works


“Wink” is the series of 15 photographs of a female bust that shows only the movement of her eyes. One blink is split into seven stages from -1 to +5. The repetition of the cycle of one blink is displayed on the gallery walls. Each stage of a blink interprets the depth of a relationship that he/she acknowledges, recognizes, becomes closer, touches, and understands other people. If the object is nothing more than just a shadow to him/her, it is stage -1, where eyes are still closed and face still down. As the stages advance and after he/she clearly recognizes the object, eyes become wide open to look straight into it. A new object comes up continuously and the infinite confrontation continues. 「Wink」は、バストアップの女性の目元の変化だけを見せる15枚の連続写真。まばたきの程度をマイナス1からプラス5まで、7段階ほどに分け、その繰り返しを並べた。これらのレベルは、人が他人を認知、認識、接近、接触、理解といった「関わり」が進んでいく段階を表している。対象がただの影と変わりないのであればマイナス1、それは目を開く前、顔を上げる直前にあたる。段階が進み対象をはっきりと認識した後に、最後は大きく目を見開き、対象を直視する。新しい対象は休みなく現れ、絶え間ない対峙が続く。 up ↑

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