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Baton pass
Lambda metallic print 266×417mm ed:5

video 5:00

2.2 inch video screen in box ed3, each work unique in box


‘A LUNCH’ is the art exhibition curated by Tomoko Kounoike in 2006, which the whole gallery space is set as a restaurant. The audience is seated at the table, and makes an order what they want to see from the menu, in which artworks are listed. They own the artwork temporarily when it is delivered to the table. When I got the offer for this exhibition, I was planning to show something easy to handle and operate, but appealing to the audience directly as well.Visual data was incorporated in a small media player of the size that fit in a hand, and it was set with a letter in a small delicately decorated box.
The concept is that something intangible like wish and hope is left to a body projected in the video image and that it is handed over to the audience out of the image."Baton pass" is to be completed by the imagination of the audience.
The work was aimed to be a tool to baton-relay something which was necessary to someone, but formless.

"A LUNCH" (企画:鴻池朋子氏2006年)は、ギャラリーをレストランに見立てた展覧会。観客はテーブルにつき、メニュー表のリストから鑑賞したい作品を選びオーダーする。運ばれてきた作品がテーブルにある間、観客は一時的に作品の所有者となった。
この作品は、願いや希望といった無形のものを映像の中の人物に託し、次に、映像の中からそれを観る者へ手渡す仕組みとなっている。“Baton pass"は観客の想像力によって成立する。誰かにとって必要な形にならない何かを、想像上でバトンリレーのように手渡していく為の装置となるようにと考え制作した。

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