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 Mirror -at T- 
 Mirror -at B- 2008      works   
 Mirror -at R-

a three frame lenticular acrylic
image video 4:26


Glass pieces of a chandelier are rotating quietly while reflecting its all surroundings in all directions. The reflection of light on polyhedron pieces has incredibly various expressions and has quality, which can only be grasped momentarily, and ability to reflect extensive area almost without any limit. It is unlike a kaleidoscope, which is essentially a closed box. Some image, which is reflected on a mirror that passes by in front of your eyes, is a ‘shadow’ with no specific time and place. And some ‘shadows’, which stay in the glass pieces, are also ‘scenery’ that developed onto them by being reflected number of times. シャンデリアのガラスピースは全方向を捉えながら静かに回り続けている。 多面体のピースは外部からの光の反射に様々な表情を映り込ませ、密室構造の万華鏡にはない刹那と広がりを持つ。 目の前を通過していく鏡面にちらりと映り込む何かは、時間も場所も不特定な影である。 ガラスピースの中に留まった影は繰り返し映し込まれて現像された風景でもある。 up ↑

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