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 Shadow 1997     works


'Shadow' is the serial photographs taken by a camera on a tripod set at the center of a circle, whose lens follows the two legs loping around it. The camera catches the running object more clearly when their speeds are synchronized. When the legs move faster than the camera, the image becomes out of focus to look like a shadow. During the exhibition, the photographs are displayed in a full circle in a little room. The audiences stand in the position of a lens to relive the shooting process being surrounded by the legs and the “Shadows” . 「Shadow」は円の中心部分にカメラを設置し、その周囲を緩急様々な速度で駆け回る足を同軸で追いかけながら撮影した連続写真。カメラと身体の速度が同調している時、身体をより鮮明に認識することができる。回る速度が増した時、対象はブレ始め、身体自体が影のように輪郭を崩していく。
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