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 Spin 2005     works

a three frame lenticular acrylic
clear film, lambda print, pearl color acrylic


‘Spin’ was created after ‘Shadow’ as its counterpart. The positions of camera and object are switched as the camera loops around the model that stands at the center of a circle, besides, the camera rotates to the opposite way from the direction the model keeps spinning. Though, during the photo shooting, there comes a moment that the camera faces the model on a regular basis, the faster the camera moves, the more difficult it becomes to read her face. ‘Spin’ and ‘Shadow’ is one model of ‘gears’ of two people relating to each other. When multiple units of these ‘gears’ engaged, they become a model of the world where we naturally get united. 「Spin」は1997年制作の「Shadow」と対をなしている。撮影者と被写体の立場が入れ替わってモデルが中心となりカメラは外縁を周る。撮影者は、中心で回転し続けるモデルと反対方向へ周り続ける。回転のさなか、モデルの正面と向き合う瞬間が生じるが、速度を増すごとに、表情はブレて読み取ることが困難になっていく。
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